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Our Fundamentals of Concealed Carry Course is designed to provide you with a foundation in the types of handguns that are most efficient for concealed carry, how to carry them safely, legally, and securely, and how and when to use them in the context of a life-threatening violent encounter.

This course exceeds the minimum training requirements for you to apply for your Michigan Concealed Pistol License (CPL).

This is not your typical concealed carry course.  We have the training and experience above and beyond the majority of area instructors to give you the best training possible for your time and money.

Our classes are small (usually under 10 people) and take place at our facility and private range in central Lapeer County (Attica) MI. We provide a comfortable environment where we cover not only the requirements, but also take the time to get all your questions answered for you. Just ask our students!

This is an 8+ hour course (not including breaks).

Students that complete the course will receive the certificate that is required to apply for your Michigan CPL the same day.

What you will need to bring.

Cost is $125/person or $150 if you want to use our firearms (and we then also supply the ammo). It’s a great way to try several different guns with the help of an instructor to find what works best for you. This includes lunch, range time, MCRGO membership, etc.

We post all our courses to our followers first on our mailing list and Facebook page, so be sure to sign up for notices from those.

Please contact us if you have any questions or are interested in scheduling a date for you or your group or receiving private training.

No Current Openings Available

register for a class

All registrations subject to our cancellation guarantee.

Please contact us if you have any questions or are interested in scheduling a different date for your group or receiving private training.

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