Custom Defensive Firearms Training

Training for individuals or small groups is available by appointment.

Our personalized training covers all aspects of defensive firearms use, from basic safety and storage to advanced tactics that will enable you to protect your loved ones effectively.


  • Introduction to Basic Safety and Shooting with Pistols or Rifles.
  • Family or kid-focused gun safety and home security.
  • First-time new shooter lessons.
  • New gun owner instruction.
  • Firearms cleaning and care.
  • Try before you buy a gun (we do not sell).
  • Multi-day full immersion defensive lifestyle training.

If you or your group wants to take our Fundamentals of Concealed Carry or our Critical Defensive Handgun Course we can schedule a course on a date convenient for you.

If you are interested in private defensive firearms training for yourself or your group please contact us and we will put together the personalized training you need.


Private training starts at $60/hour (2-hour minimum for one or two-person). 4-hour blocks are $220 for one or two persons.

A private CPL Course starts at $550 for 1 to 4 persons (for 5 or more the cost is $135/person) including everything that our normal CPL Courses do.