Intuitive Defensive Shooting

Intuitive Defensive Shooting

All living creatures have an embedded defense mechanism in their DNA that helps to protect them faster than we can figure out what’s happening.

It’s not enough to just simulate worst-case scenarios, we also need to simulate the intrinsic dynamics of how our mind and body function while under the influence of a sudden spike in significant stress.

The Intuitive Defensive Shooting program is predicated on the
experience of a surprising, unpredictable, and life-threatening moment.

This results in shortening the bridge between reacting to unexpected danger to quickly processing the circumstance by way of recognition.

Heavy emphasis on processing information fills the void in most training models that focus primarily on technique.

Technique is only 1/3 of the performance equation. Performance is the summation of your ability to process what’s happening, figure out what you have to do, and proficiently execute the technique.

IDS is based on years of constantly evolving information about how the body works and what really happens during Dynamic Critical Incidents, and has been heavily influenced by the diverse group of instructors that are certified to teach it and the thousands of students who have been through courses all around the world.

The program features a variety of specialty drills and training methods that the student will be able to utilize in their own practice after the course in order to continue to develop their abilities.

The Intuitive Defensive Shooting method is the core program of the I.C.E. Training Company and is being taught around the United States and Europe. IDS has been successfully integrated into various military and law enforcement training programs and is THE MOST efficient way for anyone interested in defensive firearms skills to develop their abilities.