Best Concealed Carry Purses for 2021

Best Concealed Carry Purses for 2022

The best concealed carry purse for 2022 is the one that the owner realizes is never going to be a good solution for concealed carry and they donate to Goodwill!

While I realize that I can’t convince everyone of this, and some people are going to do it anyway, I do not give recommendations for purses.

I believe that most of the articles and recommendations you will find on the internet for “best concealed carry purses” are written for one reason: to make money on affiliate links or by selling these high markup items to unsuspecting and uneducated buyers.

Just because they sell them, doesn’t make them a good idea, or even a safe way to carry.

The video evidence we have on the subject suggests that far more people have had their purses with their guns in them stolen than have been able to successfully deploy them from a purse in time to use them to defend themselves.

Example 1

IF you are going to try to carry in a purse anyway, please read this.