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Best Concealed Carry Purses for 2023

The best concealed carry purse for 2023 is the one that the owner realizes is never going to be a good solution for concealed carry and they donate to Goodwill!

While I realize that I can’t convince everyone of this, and some people are going to do it anyway, I do not give recommendations for purses.

I believe that most of the articles and recommendations you will find on the internet for “best concealed carry purses” are written for one reason: to make money on affiliate links or by selling these high markup items to unsuspecting and uneducated buyers. Ok, fine, if that’s what you want go here.

Just because they sell them, doesn’t make them a good idea, or even a safe way to carry them.

The video evidence we have on the subject suggests that far more people have had their purses with their guns in them stolen than have been able to successfully deploy them from a purse in time to use them to defend themselves.

Example 1

IF you are going to try to carry in a purse anyway, please read this.

About Purse Carry

If you are going to carry in a purse, fanny pack, or anywhere other than your ON your body, it is necessary that you train and practice not only how to draw from the purse, but through visualization and scenario training, how you will react to things when you need to use it.

If you carry on-body sometimes, you will likely train more from there more also, which means you will probably have built more automaticity from that position. Which one do you think you will probably reach for first when you are in an ambush?

Here is another example of someone who had not done that, and because of that, there is another stolen gun in the hands of a criminal. Read the article, then see the suggestions we have below:

Man Steals Purse from Judge Sunday Morning

#1 – If she was sitting in her car with her purse when this guy came walking up, why didn’t she see him coming in time to either leave the area (drive away) or have her hand already on the gun?

#2 – If he didn’t have his gun out yet, as the article states, your action time should be able to beat his reaction time.

#3 – Think about what kind of distractions you could use to buy yourself some time to get to your gun? Example: What do you have in your purse that the criminal probably does not want, and may let you take out before you hand over the purse?

On-body is always more efficient and consistent than off-body carry, so take the time to consider how you will get to your firearm if it is not on your body when you are surprised by an attacker.