CPL Renewal Training

A Michigan CPL is eligible for renewal from 6 months before your license expires and up to one year after it expires. MCL 28.425l

Michigan law requires that CPL renewal applicants self-certify that they have completed at least three hours of review of the required training and at least one hour of firing range time within the six months immediately preceding a renewal application.

This does not mean that you have to take a class, but for many, a class is the best way to comply, especially if you are not confident with the training you received or have not kept up to date on the legal aspects of your training.

Review of the required training

This can be done on your own by reviewing the training that you had from your last CPL Course or by taking a course that meets the training requirements.

The problem with doing this review on your own is that laws have changed since you took your course, and if you haven’t been following the changes, you may be reviewing outdated materials.

Firing Range Time

This requirement can be satisfied simply by going to a range and practicing your defensive shooting with your pistol for an hour.

As long as you were trained properly (NOT just how to target shoot), have been practicing frequently and realistically, and are confident that you learned what you need to defend yourself in an attack, this is fine. For many, the training that was required when you applied only met the minimum requirements to handle a firearm safely and did little to teach you in a way that gives you the confidence you need to survive a violent encounter.

If this was the case, obtaining some additional shooting instruction from a qualified advanced instructor would be a good idea.

Your Training Options

If you feel that your original CPL Course did not prepare you adequately, and give you the confidence you need to defend yourself in an ambush, you might want to consider taking our CPL Course.

About 25% of the people that come to our CPL courses have taken another CPL course in the past from someone else. Our course would certainly satisfy the renewal requirements, and our courses go above and beyond the minimum levels of training that most CPL instructors provide (or are even certified to teach).

If you are confident in your shooting abilities and just want to review the rest of the training, you are welcome to come to the classroom portion of one of our CPL Courses. Contact us for dates.

If you are confident that your understanding of current law is up to date, but you would like to improve your shooting skills, we can schedule private range time to get you to the next level of Critical Defensive Handgun Skills.

Renewal Application

Once you have the training and review needed to self-certify that you have met the requirements of the law, you can then apply for your renewal online, in person, or even by mail. But, be aware;  Saying you have reviewed the training and went to the range if you have not, is a felony punishable by imprisonment of up to 4 years.

The county clerk (where your permit was last issued) is supposed to mail you a renewal notice (by first-class mail, not less than 3 months or more than 6 months before your expiration date), but … if you forget to renew and are caught carrying your concealed pistol even one day after your permit is expired you can be arrested, your gun taken and charged with a felony.