CPL Application FAQ

#1 Check your eligibility

Basic requirements are that you are:

If you have ever been arrested, found mentally incompetent, or just moved to Michigan, you will want to review the detailed list of prohibitions here.

#2 Get the training & certificate

A CPL Course (also known as “Pistol Safety Training Course”) is required for all new applicants and anyone with a CPL that has been expired for more than one year.

The training certificate is valid for 5 years. See detailed training course requirements at MCL 28.425j

For renewal application training please see this page.

#3 Obtain the application

You can download the application form here (Word or PDF)

You can print the application yourself and fill it out at home, or you can obtain a copy from your county clerk’s office during business hours.

If you are renewing your permit you can also apply on-line.

DO NOT SIGN the application until you are directed to at the clerk’s office.

#4 Turn in your application

Your application must be submitted in person at the county clerk’s office in the county you live in (must match your state ID) along with payment of $115 (this includes the $15 fee for fingerprinting).

For Lapeer County, the address is 255 CLAY STREET, LAPEER, MI 48446. They are open Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.  If you have questions about hours call: 810-667-0356

For Oakland County, the address is 1200 N Telegraph, Pontiac.

Oakland county requires $100 payment for license payable in cash, MasterCard, Visa, Discover, money order or in-state personal check. The cost for fingerprinting is $15.00 (cash only) and is available Monday-Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

You must include your original CPL Course certificate.

If you have a photo on file with the state for your driver’s license or state ID you no longer have to submit a photo.

The clerk will send you to the office where you will get your fingerprints taken. (For Lapeer it is in the same building, in Oakland County they will send you to a different building at the same complex.)

You will receive a receipt for your application.

#6 wait

Your application and fingerprints will now be sent to the Michigan State Police, where they run your background check and either approve or deny the application within 45 days, though most people report that they get their permit in the mail in about two weeks.

If you do not receive your permit within 45 days, your receipt serves as a temporary permit.

All Concealed Pistol Licenses will expire on the date of birth of the applicant. They are issued for a period of no more than 5 years and no less than 4 years, dependent on the applicant’s issue date and date of birth.