What to Bring to CPL Course

One day CPL Courses held at our range include coffee, water, and lunch, but feel free to bring your own food, snacks, and/or drinks if you have special needs.

You will need to show your valid state-issued photo ID (driver’s license) to verify your identity upon arrival.

You will need to bring a firearm that is appropriate for personal defense/concealed carry, magazines or speed loaders for that firearm (enough to hold at least 20 rounds total for each shooter using that firearm), and 100 rounds of practice ammunition (must be a major brand of factory-made, new ammunition).

*You can use our firearms for $25 including $50 because of the cost of ammunition. If you are thinking about buying a gun for self-defense before the class, please don’t do it! — see this page.

Eye and ear protection (electronic hearing muffs are highly recommendedyou can only learn if you can hear). Basic earplugs and safety glasses are available in limited quantities.

We will be outside for the entire class. You should wear comfortable clothing and be prepared for whatever weather we have, however, a shirt without an open collar and a hat with a brim is recommended during the shooting. No open toe shoes. Hot brass landing in sensitive areas can create not only a painful situation but can be a danger to yourself and others.

You may also want bug spray, sunblock, and additional water. We have plenty of seating, but if you have a favorite camp chair you might want to bring that also.

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