Moving to Michigan with a valid carry permit CCW?

Once you establish residency here in Michigan, your out of state permit is no longer valid.

Michigan’s CPL application requirements state that an applicant must be a citizen of the United States, a legal resident of Michigan, and have resided in this state for not less than the 6 months. But, if you have a valid carry permit from the state you are moving from the 6-month waiting period is waived.

You will also need to take the Michigan CPL training course before you apply because no other state’s training meets the requirements of Michigan’s law, but you can speed the process up by taking the course before you establish residency.

VERY GOOD CLASS! Dean did a great job of teaching the basics of firearm safety, concealed carry, the law, and other legal considerations. The setting was relaxed, friendly, and appropriately interactive. We had a great group of students. On the range, it was no-nonsense, safety first, with excellent personalized instruction. I benefited greatly from the training perspective of an ambush situation and the “balance of speed and precision” drills. I am a California CCW holder moving to Michigan so I’ve been through an approved training class. Dean’s range portion of the class was superior in my opinion as he taught us more “real life” tactics without the drill sergeant approach. When we move I plan to bring my wife for some additional personal training. Thanks Dean!!! – Jeff Holm 4/21/2018

You are considered a resident of this state once you have obtained a driver’s license, personal identification card, or register to vote in Michigan. (see the complete statute for military residency requirements).

After you have filed your completed application, the approval process usually only takes a couple of weeks and no more than 45 days. More about the process here.

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