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Airport Carry

Federal laws restrict firearms (and other weapons) in the sterile areas beyond the security checkpoints. But most states (including Michigan and 43 others) allow the carrying of firearms in the common terminal and baggage claim areas of airports.

Florida, and only five other states, make the entire airport terminal off limits even to carry license holders while armed. Of course, this didn’t stop the shooter today in Fort Lauderdale in the baggage claim area.

While the TSA has previously considered adding unsecured areas to their ban, a recent Missouri Court of Appeals decision overturned that state’s ban.

This means that you can legally conceal carry into the terminal, up until you get to the TSA checkpoint, at which point you can check an unloaded and secured (per TSA rules) firearm, then when you pick it up at the baggage claim you are usually good to go into a restroom and load back up so you can be carrying on your way out the door (which is what I usually do).

For some reason, even though there is no security check points going into or out of the airport, Florida, Oklahoma, North Dakota, Illinois, Virginia and Arkansas don’t trust you there while actually carrying.

You will need to check with each of those state if you are flying there to see what their policy is on how to transport your checked firearm in and out if you want to take it flying.

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5 Questions Women Should Ask Before They Get a Gun

Last month an article by this name was published by Pastor Jeff Sanders, the Pastor of Grace Family Fellowship in Canton, Ohio, and a fellow firearms trainer.  I don’t know Jeff other than what he writes for PJ Media, and some of his questions are pretty good, like this one:

Are you ready for the responsibility of owning a firearm?

But the #1 and most important question for anyone before they get a gun should be: Have you had any training? 

You won’t understand if you are ready for the responsibility of owning a firearm, or what kind of firearm is best for your needs without it.

Get competent training before you buy a gun. 90% of the people that come to my classes with a new gun leave wishing they had bought something else. They could have easily saved more than the training time cost.

His suggestion about where to find good advice about what to buy; “ask your local gun store”, is the last place I would suggest you go. (unless of course, the dealer is willing to tell the person to go to a defensive firearms instructor for help first)

Uneducated, and untrained people should not be asked: “do you want to carry a revolver or a semi-automatic pistol?” – they should be trained and educated by a competent instructor that can help them figure that out – so they can pick the best gun for their specific needs and abilities.

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How long is a CPL certificate good for in Michigan?

Five Years.

As of December 1, 2015, Michigan law was amended to require that the training for a CPL application be provided within 5 years preceding the date of application.

Prior to this amendment, there was no such requirement. Every county clerk handled the issue differently. Some required the certificate to be within 6 months, some never considered it expired.

See Public Act 372 of 1927 Section 28.425j for the complete law with references.

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How Criminals Think

We want to believe that no one would want to hurt us if we just leave them alone.

We want to believe that if we stay away from high crime areas it won’t happen to us.

We want to believe, but we need to know the truth. Criminals don’t think like we do.  Continue reading How Criminals Think

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CPL Application Photo

I’m not sure why our current Concealed Pistol License needs a photo on it. The CPL card must be carried with your state issued ID. Before 2000  a CPL didn’t have a photo on it (see photo above). Continue reading CPL Application Photo

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Florida Movie Theater Shooting

It’s a Monday afternoon, 1:30. You go to the theater then because you want to avoid the crowds. Good plan. Then this … … what would you do?

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CPL’s = Crime Reduction for Chief James Craig

It’s hard for a police chief to admit the truth publicly  when it comes to the issue of private citizens carrying guns, but Detroit’s new chief is one of the few that speaks the truth.   Like a large majority of street officers, Chief Craig has changed his mind for the good. Continue reading CPL’s = Crime Reduction for Chief James Craig

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Disparity of Force

Can you use a firearm to defend yourself against an unarmed attacker?  Should you?

There are a lot of misconceptions about this issue.  Massad Ayoob does a good job explaining it here… Continue reading Disparity of Force

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Range < Mind?

Here’s a dirty little secret of the defensive handgun training industry: All the biggest gains in personal safety don’t happen on the firing range. They actually happen inside your own mind.

Continue reading Range < Mind?

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Reciprocity in Illinois?

Q: Are out-of-state Concealed Carry permit holders granted reciprocity in Illinois?  Continue reading Reciprocity in Illinois?

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