Critical Defensive Handgun Course

Critical Defensive Handgun is our follow-up to our Fundamentals of Concealed Carry Course.

This course is right for you if:

  • your concealed carry license class left you knowing that you weren’t really ready to conceal carry.
  • you have your concealed carry permit but you need to improve your defensive shooting skills at the range.
  • you want to have a better understanding of real-life defensive shooting skills.
  • you want to go to the range, but you don’t want to practice the wrong things.
  • you have purchased a defensive handgun, holster or other gear and need to begin the process of vetting that gear for concealed carry.

This course focuses on the skills that will work well with what your body does naturally when you are faced with a lethal threat.

You will learn responses that are efficient and will allow you to stop your threat as quickly as possible when you are surprised by an attacker. The fact is, MOST defensive firearms shootings involve little or no warning.

Focusing on, and practicing marksmanship skills can make you a better target shooter at a square range, but do very little to help you when you are facing a lethal threat.

In addition to the focus on practical real world defensive handgun skills, Critical Defensive Handgun emphasizes the constant assessment and decision making process you will find yourself involved in when you face a lethal threat.

This class is about real physical skills coupled with the crucial mental skills that will make a critical difference when everything is on the line.

Building on the basic training learned in CPL courses, we teach you to learn and develop the skills and techniques needed to learn and practice to;

  • evaluate your defensive carry gun & gear
  • safely and effectively carry – every day
  • draw from concealment
  • balance speed with precision
  • shoot while moving  (when, why and how)
  • reload during a dynamic critical incident
  • shoot through walls, etc.
  • select and plan for vehicle carry
  • draw and shoot from a vehicle
  • use your body’s natural reactions to your advantage
  • prevail in life-threatening situations
  • clear firearm malfunctions
  • operate your firearm with one hand & weak hand
  • operate a firearm while holding a flashlight
  • defend against multiple threats

What you will need to bring:

  • Your firearm, strong side holster, concealed carry holster, purse (or any other device you plan to carry your firearm in).
  • At least 3 standard capacity magazines (4 or more for lower capacity guns)
  • At least 300 rounds of range ammunition (FMJ).
  • Outdoor clothing you don’t mind getting dirty in.

This course is conducted primarily on our private outdoor range.

We post all our courses to our mailing list and Facebook page first, so be sure to sign up for notices from them.

All registrations subject to our cancellation guarantee.

Please contact us if you have any questions or are interested in scheduling a different date for your group or receiving private training.

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